Community members fighting for Pascagoula Fire Captain Jacob Latch, recently diagnosed with cancer

The Gulf Coast Community is coming together to help the family of Pascagoula Fire Captain Jacob Latch, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Not only is the Pascagoula community sending their prayers to the Latch family, but fire stations up and down the Coast are pitching in.

Captain Jacob Latch is selfless in his giving, volunteer work, and sacrifice to complete strangers.

After receiving news that his extremely rare cancer is terminal, support for the Latch family has been nonstop.

As an instrumental part of the Pascagoula Fire Department, Captain Jacob Latch has been saving lives with the department for over 16 years. Pascagoula Fire Chief Hyler Krebs said, “He was just a young man when he came in here. So, we’ve watched him grow and develop into the man that he is, also as a father.”

Serving the last two years as captain, Latch is a mentor and leader to every firefighter in the station. “Jacob is one of the first people who always volunteers to go over to other cities whenever we have disasters.”

On September 30th, Captain Latch was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer, known as E.H.E, which attacks his spine as well as his lungs. “We were not expecting this. We were waiting for some good news and yesterday at noon our news was a nightmare for us.”

Latch and his family are now in Houston at MD Anderson Cancer Center where he was just transferred to another department. “He was put on hospice today. So, it’s only a matter of time, so we’re asking for prayers.”

As the co-director for Tunnel to Towers Biloxi, Bridgett Lopez created a GoFundMe to help the Latch family. In the first six hours, over $15,000 was raised. “We wanted to be able to do something for him for all that he’s done for the foundation and for strangers that he didn’t even know, people that he’s helped along the way.”

On Saturday, October 16th, a barbecue fundraiser along with a raffle and t-shirt sales will honor the Latch family in downtown Pascagoula.

Meanwhile, this tragic news is leaving the community heartbroken. “It’s tough. It’s tough, him being the leader that he was.”

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