Community drive-thru food drop

Extend a Hand, Help a Friend, Climb CDC, and Feeding the Gulf Coast of Gulfport all came together to host a drive-thru food drop to help out people impacted by Hurricane Ida.

Over 300 families received boxes filled with everything needed to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many cars passed through with Louisiana tags trying to get non-perishable food items before returning home.

Extend a Hand, Help a Friend CEO Jeffrey Hulum III recognizes the heightened importance of food drops right now. “One of the most important things is we have to be our neighbors and ours brothers keeper and when we are affected by storms, any type of crisis, they stand in the gap for us. So, it is now time for us to stand in the gap for those who are affected right now because if they are hurting and they are struggling, we are all hurting and struggling cause we all are considered the Gulf Coast. When one person is lacking and the other person have something, we must all come together as a team to pull all our resources together.”

Another food drop will be held tomorrow in Pearlington, MS at the public library on 1stAvenue. Starting at 10 a.m., all food items are first come, first serve.

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