Comeback Coolers delivered over 180 coolers to Kentucky flood victims

Volunteers with Comeback Coolers went to Kentucky over the weekend to deliver some much-needed supplies to those affected by devastating flooding.

They’ve shared some of their pictures and videos with us.

These volunteers delivered more than 180 coolers inked with words of encouragement and packed with drinks, fruit, water, wet wipes, and many other items.

While in Kentucky, volunteers posted updates from some of the hardest hit areas on social media. Comeback Coolers volunteer Cory Ripmaster said, “The people are in need of the Comeback Coolers. They see it, the emotions we have cried with these people. We have hugged them. We have given them hope and encouragement with the Comeback Coolers. It was different, they are so isolated in these little, they call them hollers, it’s a family up a valley with one dirt road and when everything is gone, the support system is gone. So, when we came up from far away and we go there, it meant something to them and that meant something to me.”

For more information on how you can volunteer or donate to Comeback Coolers visit their website at

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