Comeback Cooler hosts party at Summerhouse Bay Cove

Summerhouse Bay Cove invited the crew with Comeback Coolers to host a cooler packing party on the property.

Residents of Bay Cove and guests in the community headed over to the party where they were able to decorate a cooler for the organization.

These coolers are stuffed with a variety of items such as emergency supplies and even toys for kids.

Eventually, all of these coolers will be shipped off to Florida, which was hit by a category one hurricane last night and hit by Hurricane Ian last month. Bay Cove Marketing Director Teresa Ridgeway said, “We love being able to give back to the community. We love giving the residents an opportunity to give back as well, so they enjoy participating. They enjoy just decorating the coolers and trying to help people. Everybody likes helping people, so we’re going to give them that opportunity.”

This was the second time Bay Cove has invited Comeback Coolers for an event and they will continue to host more in the future.

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