Coleman Avenue redevelopment in Waveland

The City of Waveland is continuing with their downtown redevelopment project.

Waveland is looking to restore downtown on Coleman Avenue to bring more businesses to the city. The city is seeking $10 million to complete their planned design for a full marina.

The new marina plan is in phase one of design and the mayor has been seeking funding for the full project.

Mayor Mike Smith wants residents to live in a destination location with new shops and businesses, restaurants, and night life. “The marina I think is a must. With the boat launching, we are moving forward with that. I am seeking funding at every level that I can. If you look at all the other marinas on the Coast. They have all of this economic development perched around it. I think they will be down here because it is a lovely place on Coleman Avenue. It truly is.”

Mayor Smith is asking Waveland residents to support the project by calling local legislators and tell them how much they want the downtown redevelopment plan to transform and benefit their city.

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