Coaching transition smooth sailing for Southern Miss baseball

Southern Miss Head Baseball Coach Scott Berry says his retirement has been a long time coming, having the initial conversation with Athletic Director Jeremy McClain all the way back in August.

What started as a secret has since turned into a public celebration and a farewell tour for Coach Berry, who was honored prior to Friday’s home game against Louisiana on his very own Scott Berry Day.

He says it might seem odd to some people that he’s walking away now when USM currently has the nation’s longest streak of 30-win (21) and 40-win (6) seasons, but going on 61-years-old he says he has a lot of other hobbies, including fishing and wanting to spend more time with his family.

Knowing the program is in good hands with his heir apparent Christian Ostrander is the icing on the cake. Coach Berry said, “Super excited. I mean he lines up just what Southern Miss baseball is all about. Incredible man, great baseball person, but I think with his character and everything that we stand for at Southern Miss, he exemplifies, so he’s been my right-hand man for the last six years, and is certainly deserving of this opportunity.”

Coach Ostrander said, “As our motto says, everything matters. We believe it. I believe that. I believe that wholeheartedly, and I think image is very important, and our image of Southern Miss baseball is national and I take high responsibility to continue that and move it forward.”

Southern Miss leads off its run through the Sun Belt Tournament at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday from Riverwalk Stadium in Montgomery.

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