Climb CDC Gulfport holding TikTok competition for vaccinations

If you’re between the ages of 16 to 25, Climb CDC Gulfport is challenging you to a TikTok competition.

Following their mission to promote strong communities, Climb CDC is aiming to push youth to get vaccinated through TikTok.

The popular social media platform TikTok has millions of users and by creating content advising others to get the shot, Climb hopes to promote more shots in arms for youth.

The user with the most likes, comments, and shares using the hashtags climb CDC, COVID19, Flu, and Vaccine1 will win the prize of $2,500.

Rapid Rehousing Program Manager Carrissa Corbett said, “We’re trying to get young people to take their COVID-19 and flu vaccine. We want them to know be comfortable, it’s okay. Let’s protect ourself and let’s protect others. Everyone scrolls TikTok daily, some people are even on there for hours. So, why wouldn’t we just go ahead and do TikTok. I mean, if they run across it and see a TikTok challenge and then it’s $2,500, I’m going to click into that.”

All genres of TikTok are accepted including rap, dance, lip-syncing, and comedy. The deadline to submit your post with the correct hashtags is November 19th at noon.

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