Class Act Teacher of Month: West Hancock Elementary’s Lindsey Bounds

We’re nearing the end of the school year for students and teachers and they are eager to hop into summer break.

For this month’s Class Act, Grant Chighizola takes us to the edge of Hancock County where one third grade teacher is making sure her students head into the fourth grade on the right note.

Take one step into Lindsey Bounds’ classroom at West Hancock Elementary and it’s clear that her students benefit from her love of teaching. “You just love them like they’re your own, and you remember how loved they are at home and you take that into consideration with every decision and action you have with them.”

Bounds was nominated for this teacher of the month honor by the parent of two of her former students. She says knowing that her work has impacted the lives of the kids that have come from her classroom means everything. “We just had our senior parade the other day, and you get to see students that you taught come back and just see the adults they’re becoming and the impact they’re going to make on the world.”

As an eight-year educator, Bounds has a passion, especially for teaching third grade, since it’s a time of important transitions in the life of a child. “They also want to show you their independence and they still have the will to please you, not as much as their friends, but you still see that individuality coming out in them.”

Aside from the nouns and verbs, the multiplication tables and long division, and the chapter books, Mrs. Bounds hopes her kids become a light for others in this world. “I just hope they’re good humans. I hope they make a difference in this world, and I hope that they just bring some kind of light to everybody that they are around and they come in contact with.”

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