Class Act Teacher of the Month: St. Patrick High Theatre Program

The theatre program at one local high school is growing at a fast pace and tonight they debut their latest production, a show that is the brainchild of the school’s theatre teacher.

We’re hitting the stage today as St. Patrick High School theatre students are set to debut their newest production.

The lights are up and the stage is set for the actors and actresses of St. Patrick’s growing theatre program. Theatre Teacher/ Playwright Boyce Deaton said, “I came in with my co-director Mr. Kearns and sort of took it over. We’re sort of doing something a little different than what’s usually done around here.”

‘The Green Knight’ is an original production written and co-directed by theatre teacher Boyce Deaton, an experience he says is one of a kind. “It’s an old King Arthur story, and I decided that, you know, it needs to be told, and I thought I would give my own little take on it.”

This performance is set to take audiences back in time with many themes prevalent from the Middle Ages.

Audiences can expect the full theatrical experience from these young thespians on the stage. Theatre Teacher/ Co-Director Robert Kearns said, “So, the ideas of overcoming diverse, difficult challenges are very relatable, I think.”

“They can expect some chivalry and some tough decisions from the characters.”

For their part, the student actors have risen to the occasion as they work hard to make it a show to remember. “Our students have been amazing in the fact that they’ve been very versatile in the areas that they’ve picked up, that, from my perspective, I was like ‘that’s a major challenge, and they’re like, I’ve got it Mr. K.”

‘The Green Knight’ debuts tonight at 6 with additional performances Friday and Saturday at six and a 2 p.m. matinee on Sunday.

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