City of Poplarville cheers on Chapel Hart on America’s Got Talent

The America’s Got Talent finale is slated for September 13th, but today, News 25’s Ansley Brent went to Poplarville and says the atmosphere in support of Chapel Hart has been phenomenal.

Home of the Hornets, blueberries, and Chapel Hart, Poplarville is one proud city.

From receiving the first-ever group Golden Buzzer on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ and now advancing to the show’s finals on September 13th, Chapel Hart has truly made a name for themselves.

One of their songs says ‘there ain’t no holding down a country girl,’ and boy do they practice what they preach.

The two sisters have gone from working at their local Wards to becoming country music stars. The band has made the City of Poplarville more than proud. Alderman Anne Gendusa Smith said, “If they could sing somewhere they would, but they did stuff online, they wrote songs, they filmed videos, they networked, those girls are the hardest working girls. This is not from just happen stance. It is heart and soul and the community has been behind them.”

Poplarville is where sisters Danica and Devynn and cousin Trea started singing as children in Hart’s Chapel. From the Hart’s Chapel stage right through these doors, all the way to the finals stage of America’s Got Talent, Chapel Hart has changed so many hearts and lives, especially the hearts of this community in Poplarville.

One in particularly proud is Poplarville Elementary teacher Mary Alexander. “As a teacher at the upper elementary, I was there for 28 and a half years, so I’ve seen a lot of kids come through, but these girls are very special to us and we’re excited.”

When Chapel Hart came home for a concert in January, she got to see the girls backstage and they smiled from ear to ear signing her yearbooks.

Public officials, food joints, and local businesses will continue cheering on and supporting Chapel Hart in their journey on America’s Got Talent.

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