City of Moss Point approves new fire chief

There’s a new fire chief in town! During Moss Point’s city council meeting tonight, the council unanimously approved Mayor Billy Knight’s recommendation to hire Danny Wade as fire chief for the city.

Chief Wade has served in the fire service since 1998, putting out fires in Laurel and Hattiesburg. He’s worked his way up the ranks to assistant fire chief.

Chief Wade tells News 25 he looks forward to meeting the men and women of the fire department and becoming a member of Moss Point. “If it’s not broke, we’re not gonna fix it. I want to build off the previous fire administration and their success, the success that they’ve had. If we see that we need changes in the future, obviously we’ll make them with input from the men and women in the department.”

Moss Point City Council also approved for Mayor Knight to reorganize the fire department to change training coordinator to assistant fire chief.

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