City of Long Beach hosting Christmas Bike Drive

The City of Long Beach is bringing the children of the area joy this holiday season two wheels at a time.

This is the third year the city will host the bike drive. The drive coordinators are asking for residents to donate bikes of all sizes, scooters, skateboards, and helmets as well.

Drop off locations for the drive include the Long Beach City Hall, the Long Beach Central Fire Station, the Long Beach Police Department, and Jerry’s Lawn Mower Sales and Services.

The coordinators will then get the donations distributed through the school district into local churches where they will be given to children of Long Beach. Long Beach Community Affairs Director Jenny Levens said, “The Long Beach Mayor’s Youth Council, they started the program a couple years ago. We’ve just continued it. We’ve worked through the high schools and local churches. So, we’re collecting through December 10th and then we will get them out to the families before Christmas.”

The drive hopes to raise a total of 100 to 150 donations this year.

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