City of Gulfport announces end to dumpster program

Gulfport has ended its community dumpster program a day early.

The city released a statement saying the dump sites were misused by out-of-town businesses and contractors. There was simply too much trash and debris, more than what was anticipated, particularly tires.

The city says more than 2,000 tires have been dumped at various dumpster sites. City leaders say “this misuse not only disrupts our community efforts, but also creates substantial environmental and logistical challenges.”

Gulfport crews have been working to clear all the dump sites.

In fact, the dumpster is already gone at the site in front of the Lyman Community Center on Highway 49. It was one of 14 sites where residents were encouraged to dispose of any debris or garbage.

The two-week campaign was supposed to end tomorrow.

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