City of Gautier to receive $2.77 million in federal funding to improve quality of water

The City of Gautier will receive $2.77 million dollars in federal funding by the EPA to improve the quality of local drinking water and water systems.

Mayor Casey Vaughan made the announcement today that funding was included in the 2022 appropriations packaged signed into law March 11th.

Well water through Gautier has a color level ranging from 50 to 80 units which is more than 3.5 times the level recommended.

To lower the levels, a one-million gallon per day nano-filtration water treatment plant will be constructed on property owned by the city.

It is expected to be complete by year end 2023. Gautier Mayor Casey Vaughan said, “The citizens, the economic challenges we face, sometimes is because of the water clarity. So, it will help with economic growth here in our city. Also, just environmental protection altogether, it will help the water clarity.”

The project also includes the necessary interconnecting raw water line.

Another 3 MGD nano-filtration plant is currently in the design phase to serve south Gautier. The city announced in 2020 that it received $2.5 million from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to improve water clarity in south Gautier.

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