City of Gautier receives federal funding for police department

The City of Gautier received a big windfall to help out the Gautier Police Department.

Gautier secured more than $500,000 in federal funding to increase law enforcement transparency and safety.

The funding by the U.S. Department of Justice will improve equipment for the Gautier Police Department including both body-worn and in-car cameras, a dispatch control station, and a radio system.

With a new radio system, dispatchers will be able to streamline the communication process.

Upgrading the car and body cameras are much needed because the police department has used the same cameras for almost ten years. Chief David Bever said, “Some of the newer features, we’ll be able to wirelessly download video from the cars and body cameras instead of having taken them to the station and download it which takes up time and takes officers off the streets. It’ll also allow us to have better accountability and preserve better evidence.”

The project received widespread community support from elected officials, law enforcement leaders, and local residents and businesses.

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