City of D’Iberville celebrates 35 years

The residents and officials of D’Iberville got together to celebrate the city’s 35th birthday!

The group gathered at City Hall where several officials spoke about the city’s rise, including Mayor Rusty Quave.

They sang happy birthday to D’Iberville and celebrated with cake.

While the city has had a rough beginning to its story, it has seen constant rises in its economy and growth as the years went by.

In recent years, the city has seen a new police department, a new city hall, its own casino, and much more business.

Mayor Quave says he looks forward to the future of the city and what it has to offer. “You heard the expression you gotta crawl before you walk? Well, this was a crawl before you walk start. I’ve always been happy before our city was a city, I was happy to live here. We’re a very proud community over here, and I think that goes for the whole Gulf Coast.”

While they celebrated today, the anniversary of D’Iberville is actually February 10th, 1988.

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