City of Biloxi seeking approval for handicap accessible pier

The City of Biloxi and Harrison County are filing a claim so a developer can build a pier at Veterans Avenue.

If the project is passed a pier will be built. The land will be leased to RW Development and they will fund and maintain it.

The pier will be open to the public, 300 feet long, made of concrete, elevated, and handicap accessible.

It will be located on Veterans Avenue near the West Beach Boardwalk which is also a city and county joint effort.  City of Biloxi Public Affairs Specialist Cecilia Dobbs Walton said, “Our waterfront is great. Of course, with all of our restaurants and casinos, having a pier that is elevated and it’ll hopefully withstand more hurricanes in the future.”

The original claim for the pier was denied by Secretary of State Michael Watson, claiming a tidelands lease was necessary.

A Harrison County Chancery Court Judge denied the motion to prohibit the pier, arguing he was having ‘sole authority’ in the matter was not supported by laws that allow the city and county similar powers, allowing motion by the city and county to file a counterclaim to move forward with the project.

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