City of Biloxi launches Majestic Tree program

The City of  Biloxi recently launched its Majestic Tree program in collaboration with the city’s tree committee.

The program is available to Biloxi property owners. If you don’t own property in Biloxi, you can nominate a tree that’s on public property by reaching out to the tree committee.

A majestic tree is categorized as any tree having or showing impressive beauty and dignity, whether cultural, historical, or as a natural resource.

Once a tree is designated as majestic, it would be more protected during the city’s permitting process.

All trees nominated for the special status must first be certified by the Garden Clubs of Mississippi Society of Trees as a majestic tree. Director of Community Development Jerry Creel said, “It would be up to the property owner, maybe along with their arborist they hire to sit down and write down a narrative about what are the special features about this tree that we believe need to designate it as a majestic tree. It could be the tree canopy, the limb spread, it could be the root spread, it could be that it was planted by somebody in the past who had a history with Biloxi or with the Coast.”

The tree committee has a set goal of designating 25 trees as majestic trees in 2023. For more information visit

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