City Centre of Pascagoula Revitalization Project

The City of Pascagoula has many projects going on to help revitalize the city and one of their biggest projects is the City Centre of Pascagoula.

Construction started on the $9 million project about six months ago, turning an old bank downtown into a thriving corporate office and luxury living facility. “The progress is coming along strong very fast which is what we are looking for but city centre is a mixed-use development”

City Centre of Pascagoula Owner Shannon Strunk and his wife bought the bank about seven years ago with the hopes of remodeling the facility. “It’s just taking us that long to get the parts and pieces in places so that we could actually complete the project.”

City Centre of Pascagoula will be home to the corporate office of Baber Strunk Enterprises, a flexible office space company, 28 apartments, and a rooftop bar in the heart of downtown Pascagoula. “It’s a really diverse corporate environment for us so we’re really, really are excited about that.”

The outside area where there is currently parking will become landscape and a walkable area for residents. “On the back side is the old Hancock Bank drive-thru and that is being converted into a coffee shop. So, on one side, it’s drive-thru. On the other side, there is a walk-way up to it with a pavilion area. So, you can walk up to the coffee shop, get your coffee, food, in that area.”

Michael Silverman, Pascagoula city manager, says this new project will help bring more businesses, tourists, and young adults to the downtown area. “This is something that further reactivates our downtown. It brings a quality investment with our downtown community which we all are very excited about.”

The project is expected to be complete in early 2022.

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