Children ring in the New Year at the Countdown to Noon at Lynn Meadow’s

Kids screamed and cheered for the New Year at the annual Countdown to Noon at Lynn Meadow’s Discovery Center.

At Lynn Meadow’s Countdown to Noon, children of all ages get to celebrate the new year with their families.

Cindy DeFrances, executive director of Lynn Meadows, tells News 25 why the countdown is so exciting for children.  “Trying to do something late at night is just not feasible for us, and so families love coming out and sharing that time with their children and watching a ball drop. Because that’s the thing that happens everywhere across the world, you see balls dropping. So, we do it and we just do it at noon to try and mimic midnight.”

Children made shakers and firework rings in anticipation of the countdown and ball drop. Thirty minutes prior to the event, everyone made their way to the auditorium, the crowd buzzing with excitement, posing for pictures, and jamming out to music.

The Countdown to Noon also gets kids excited for a new year of opportunity.

Ringing in the New Year with their young children makes the event fun for parents. Debbie Masterson said, “The adults have their parties and countdown to midnights, and the little ones are usually in bed. So, it is so nice for the little ones to have a chance to experience the excitement of a countdown, and a ball drop, i.e., balloon drop!”

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