Child Development Center hosts luncheon for first responders

The Child Development Center in Bay St. Louis held a fiesta luncheon for first responders in Hancock County.

Because of the many interactions first responders have at the center, as well as the number of volunteers who are first responders, organizers thought a free lunch would be the perfect way to give back and say thank you.

To go along with the fiesta theme, first responders ate Mexican food and desserts in a private room or in classrooms with children.

Some police officers had the opportunity to eat lunch and sit beside their own children in class. Child Development Program Director Amanda Besse said, “Us law enforcement wives, we back our husbands one hundred percent. With being able to do this for the kids as well just shows that we appreciate them, they do so much in the community. They do so much for us. It’s not just police officers. It’s fire fighters, too.”

The center hopes to make this an annual event.

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