Chemical hair straighteners linked to cancer

The National Institute of Health has found some startling news.

Women using chemical hair-straightening products are at a higher risk of uterine cancer.  Researchers noted that African-American women may be at an even higher risk because they use such products more frequently.

The NIH looked at hair habits of more than 33,000 women and found that those who used chemical hair straighteners at least four times a year were more than twice as likely to develop uterine cancer.

Professional hair stylist and salon owner Lakenya Spann said the number one risk of relaxers, which is also a chemical straightener, is getting chemical burns due to irritation in the scalp. “In hindsight, relaxers are not good for children, especially because it has been linked to hormonal imbalances and changes in when girls are starting their period. So, I don’t recommend relaxers for children under the age of 16, at least under the age of 16.”

Spann goes on to say that she believes relaxers are safe for people to use as long as they are rendered with a licensed cosmetologist who knows what they’re doing.

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