Center Mass Firearms trains new gun owners

Center Mass Firearms had new gun owners out at Coast Rifle and Pistol Club where they gave a quick lesson on the shooting range.

Those shooting for the first time were a little nervous to step up to the firing line, but instructors were there to help them step-by-step.

Students learned how to properly grip the gun, a good stance for shooting, and how to aim.

Before long, the newbies were shooting straight. Student Danielle Frank said, “Ian and I were kind of talking with Sarah, my wife, he was talking about how women are a kind of minority that, you know, really haven’t had a lot of practice and training. And being part of the LGBTQ community as well, he said that it’s kind of a good representation for us to be out there and be representing everyone. I’m excited to get back on the range and try again, so.”

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