Celebrating eight years with Chandeleur Island Brewing

Chandeleur Island Brewing Company celebrated its eighth year in business with the annual Chandyfest.

The one and only Chandyfest returned to downtown Gulfport Saturday.

Throngs of beer lovers gathered along the makeshift race track for what would be one of the fiercest competitions on the Coast this weekend: bed racing.

And despite the overcast morning, by noon, the weather was perfect. General Manager Gina Prater said, “Turned into a beautiful day because we prayed it away, I’m telling you! We worked way too hard for this day for any rain to put a damper on it. One of the most proud things we do here is — our bed race raises money for an organization. We partnered with CASA of Harrison County.”

Some local departments like police and fire took part in the race, as did a few local businesses. At the end of the day, Gulfport Fire Department came out on top, but the Harrison County Library gave them a run for their money.

The brewery partnered with CASA of Harrison County at the beginning of this year. “On Tuesday nights, for every pint that’s sold we’re giving them a dollar. So, we’ve got over $1,400 already this year in four months, and then all of the money raised today after the bed race also is going to CASA.”

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