‘Candy Fountain Freeze Dried Sweets’ getting attention at Christmas on the Avenue in Long Beach

The Candy Fountain Freeze Dried Sweets caused a lot of commotion at Christmas on the Avenue in Long Beach.

The Candy Fountain is a business that takes regular, chewy candy and removes the air and moisture from it, producing a crunchy candy texture.

That means the chewy candy will no longer stick to your teeth or braces and creates a lightweight candy that intensifies the flavor.

Christmas on the Avenue was the first public event for the Candy Fountain. Owner Jessica Fountain said, “Sales have been great. The community has loved the idea. A lot of people taste it and they are like ‘oh my god, I can’t believe that.’ It’s so flavorful and just different. It’s like astronaut food. So, most people think that it’s neat and that it’s cool.”

You can check out The Candy Fountain’s Facebook page to see when they’ll be at a local event near you.

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