Business leaders ask supervisors to rethink Coastal Tourism appointment

The Harrison County Board of Supervisors is being asked to reverse its decision to vote out the current president of the Coastal Mississippi Tourism Commission.
Last month, the board took up the issue of  Brooke Schoultz’s appointment to the board. She recently had been voted in as president, pending her reappointment to the commission by the supervisors.
Supervisors Connie Rockco and Rebecca Powers argued last meeting about Schoultz’s appointment, with Rockco ultimately nominating Thomas Sherman, a man who lives in her district. Supervisors Beverly Martin and Kent Jones ultimately voted in favor of nominating Sherman. The heated exchange, which was broadcast on YouTube, lasted more than 15 minutes.

Gulf Coast Business Council president and CEO Ashley Edwards sent a letter to the board voicing the executive committee’s concerns about the set-to and the ultimate decision to not reappoint Schoultz. The letter urged the board to reconsider their decision and also indicated that “Gaming leaders are also sending a letter to the Board of Supervisors regarding this issue.”

In a July 4 letter to supervisors, the council says that Schoultz  is the best person for the job and asks she be reappointed at the meeting.

“Brooke has worked directly with the business community during her time as president and has been responsive to our concerns,” the letter says. “Additionally, we believe Brooke understands the need for continued regional stability, as evidenced by her efforts to shore up regional cooperation by working with leaders in Hancock and Jackson counties.”

The issue is on the agenda for today’s meeting scheduled for 9 a.m.

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