Brett Favre promotes flag football for kids under 14

Former Southern Miss quarterback Brett Favre revealed a new PSA in partnership with the Concussion Legacy Foundation this morning on NBC’s Today Show.

In the newest campaign, Favre 4 Flag, the Hall of Fame quarterback urges parents to not allow their children to play tackle football until they are 14 to prevent them from developing chronic traumatic encephaltophy, more commonly known as CTE.

According to recent data looking at teenagers from Boston University, 25 percent of high school players had CTE even though they’ve never played in college or professionally. “It only takes one. Maybe I have had a thousand– just say for example. And seemingly am fine on a day-to-day basis but the next person has one and has terrible repercussions from it, so it’s just too risky.”

Favre told Today that he will not encourage his three grandsons to play football until there is a treatment because of the danger of concussions.

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