Blessing of the Classics hits the Gulf Coast

Cruisers from around the Coast made their way to Diamondhead for the annual Blessing of the Classics.

The hotrods take the trip to the roundabout between Lanai Street and Diamondhead Drive East where religious leaders are waiting for them to say a quick prayer over each car ensuring safety for it and its passengers.

The event is also made into a parade for the Diamondhead community with the cars driving down several streets handing out candy and beads to the onlookers. Father Paddy Mockler said, “Well I think everybody likes the blessing of God and people are very sincere when they come for the blessings, and it’s lovely to see people from all over and I always make the sign of the cross so you can always tell what faith you belong too and so many of them are Catholic. So many of them are from Texas, Louisiana, different Catholic parts of the country so it’s lovely. I love doing it.”

More than 200 cars participate in this event every year.

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