Blackstart Exercise testing ‘Microgrid’ project at the Naval Construction Battalion Center

During Hurricane Zeta last year, the Naval Construction Battalion Center was plunged into darkness as the base lost power in the middle of the night.

A project called ‘microgrid,’ which has been five years in the making, could provide the base with uninterrupted power from diesel generators and solar power.

Before the project, the base would have to rely on generators and if a generator went down, they had no backup.

Thursday morning a Blackstart Exercise was held with the help of Mississippi Power to test the microgrid.

The mission was successful and the base is the first in the entire Navy installation command to conduct the exercise, now they’ll analyze a few deficiencies and prepare for what may roll our way during the 2021 hurricane season. Base Energy Manager Ron Jenkins said, “So, what the microgrid allows us to do here is take three megawatts of power and provide to our key operation facilities on the installation. So, in times of when Seabees are called along for natural disaster recovery, hurricane landfall, we’ll be able to operate and provide that community support if necessary.”

Mississippi Power was happy to work alongside our Navy so they’re better prepared for hurricane season.

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