Biloxi Indians sending 13 student athletes to the next level

Pretty epic senior send-off at Biloxi High School this afternoon in the form of a spring Signing Day ceremony for a baker’s dozen student-athletes.

In chronological order of putting pen to paper, former WXXV student athlete of the week Bryson Pisarich doing the honors with South Alabama baseball.

James Turner heading to Itawamba Community College for basketball and then two for the price of one on the dance team, Colette Reynolds and Emeree McNeil, both heading to Southern Miss to become Dixie Darlings.

On the gridiron, Loren Howell letting the ink dry with Pearl River CC and then hoop star Duran Parish with Vanderbilt for football.

On the pitch, Andrew Kravette signing with Jones College and then on the diamond Milly Moran with Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Finally, five more from track and field, those being Cheyanne Alston and Troy Suddeth with Southern Miss, Dejon Wilkins with Morehouse College, Tristian White with Mississippi Valley State, and Kendyl White, still undecided between three different schools.  Turner said, “Coming from Biloxi, it was always a dream to play college ball. Coming into this senior season, coming home, getting to play with my family, getting to play with guys I grew up with, it meant everything. And Itawamba, it made the process just so much easier because I just felt the spirit of God, so I just allowed him to lead me.”

Howell said, “Everybody has been working so hard throughout high school, and we’ve been playing together since peewee, and it’s great to see everybody get another opportunity at the next level.”

Pisarich said, “I think it’s really cool to see everybody going their respective ways, their respective sports. It’s just seeing your friends succeed after knowing for so long that you would all get there one day, I think it’s really cool.”

McNeil said, “It’s very exciting, worked really hard.”

Reynolds said, “It’s very welcoming to me to be a part of such a community like that. The first Dixie Darling comes back every year to do the homecoming game, and to be a part of something with that much tradition is incredible.”

Parish said, “At this point, I’m just thinking about yeah, I signed, but I’m just thinking about the future, how I’ve got to get to it, no breaks, no take offs, so right now in my mind, in the back of my mind, I’m just like this is not it. I’ve got to keep pushing, keep going to get bigger and better places and get better things.”

Parish says he originally had dreams to go to Vanderbilt for baseball. He reports to campus later this month.

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