Biloxi Fire Department hosts blood drive

The Biloxi Fire Department is ‘Heatin’ up the Holidays’ by teaming up with the Blood Center as they urged more people to donate blood.

In a room full of first responders and volunteers, every participant came to help with the national blood shortage.

Within the first couple of hours, the Blood Center had reached its halfway goal from the generosity of donors while the firefighters handed out refreshments.

The Blood Center Coordinator John Pace tells News 25 there is less than two days’ worth of blood left on the shelves nationwide.

To thank each donor, they were given an original shirt designed by Pace and an option between a hot dog or homemade jambalaya to eat afterwards. Biloxi Fire Chief Nick Geiser said, “We’re always happy to help. We know there is always a shortage of blood in the state of Mississippi and around the nation. So, of course, we’re a service industry. We love helping people. So, this is just one of the ways we’d like to help out the residents and citizens of Biloxi.”

If you would like to donate, you can always go to for more information.

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