Biloxi Dodgers receive commemorative logo

Just a day before Jackie Robinson Day, Paradise Pier was filled with people wanting to honor a huge part of history.

The Biloxi Dodgers were a team in the old Southern Negro League in the early and late 1960s.

An agreement has been reached to use the name Biloxi Dodgers in reference to the former team, along with a newly created logo.

The permission was granted to Mr. Bennett by Major League Baseball and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The release of the new and commemorative design was on full display where T-shirts were given to former Biloxi Dodgers players and youth along the coast.

Kay Horne, the daughter of Rossell Horne – who was the owner of the former Biloxi Dodgers – was present and told News 25 what this day meant to her family.

“The Los Angeles Dogers were his favorite. That’s why he named the team the Biloxi Dodges, so he would have just been beside himself to be here today and to witness this,” said Horne. “But I do know he is witnessing it from above, so he’s a happy camper today.”

Members of the crowd were asked to wear their new shirts to the Shuckers game tomorrow as they honor Jackie Robinson Day.

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