Billy Hewes wins Gulfport Mayoral Race

In Gulfport there were four contested races on the ballot, one of which was the mayoral race.

Incumbent Mayor Billy Hewes will be serving his third term as mayor of Mississippi’s second biggest city, defeating Democratic opponent Howard Page after claiming nearly 64% of the vote.

As for the races for city council seats in wards 2,5, and 6, the Republican incumbents swept the elections with Ron Roland, Myles Sharp, and R. Lee Flowers retaining the spots on city council in their respective wards for the next four years.

Here’s what newly re-elected Mayor Hewes had to say last night about what he still wants to accomplish in Gulfport. “There’s always work to be done and that’s one of the reasons Paula gave me permission to run again for a third time. We’ve got a lot working. And part of it is the team has collectively worked together. Our directors, a lot of the council members and we’ve come together with a vision that’s been a heavy lift in many regards. And what it’s resulted in some pretty good growing pains for Gulfport.”

Gulfport’s elected city officials will look largely the same for the next term as it has the last four years.

Ward 7 was the only ward that saw a change in representation in this election cycle with Richard Kosloski beating incumbent Cara Pucheu in the primary runoffs.

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