Beware of dating app scams this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, dating app scams are becoming a higher risk.

A romance scam is when someone you’ve matched with online uses dishonest connection to get you to do what they want.

This scammer’s goal is to establish a relationship with their victim before asking for money or personal information. Since the victim feels like they know this person, they’re more likely to fall for the trap.

Some red flags to look for is if someone is asking for your bank information, date of birth, address, or other personal information. Navigator Regional Branch Administrator Cathy Pope said, “The first thing you do is leave emotion out of it. Think with your head, follow your gut. If the person is sitting there and they are trying to pressure you into something, that’s a red flag right there. If they’re trying to rush you into giving them money on a time restraint.”

Navigator Credit Union urges those who become a victim of a dating app scam to notify their bank and the local police.

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