Best way to relieve arthritis pain during the cold weather

With the cold weather beginning to take over, people with osteoarthritis will begin to feel more flare-ups in their joints.

News 25 spoke with Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Kaizad Tamboli with Memorial Health System, who told us that flare-ups during this chilly weather is caused for several reasons.

These include a drop in the barometric pressure which causes expansion in the joints, a diminished blood flow which causes circulation problems, and the fluid in your joints thickening which causes irritation.

Dr. Tamboli recommends wearing heavy clothes to keep the body warm, drinking lots of water to help with the circulation, and continue exercising which helps with muscle movement and blood flow.  “It is important to prevent this from happening because number one, when this happens, it affects your ability to walk and do things and your daily activities. You can limit that in cold weathers. Sometimes… stiff joints lead to falls. People can fall and lead to other problems from trauma related to falls.”

Topical agents such as joint creams and rubs are recommended as well.

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