Be aware of local veterans when shooting off fireworks

Ringing in the new year is prime time for fun and fireworks, but you should also be aware that others may not feel the same way about the celebrations.

For several combat veterans, fireworks and other loud noises may bring symptoms that are difficult to cope with.

A military veteran that is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder can be triggered by the environment fireworks bring.

Founder and president of Crusaders for Veterans Kevin Cuttill says that his best advice to civilians is for them to understand their neighbors and what they’ve been through. He also has a list of things for veterans to remember. “Take it into consideration, like I said, we had to be just as considerate to civilians and civilians should be to us, so just know what you’re limitations are, what your triggers are, and stay away from them.”

People are advised to still have fun and celebrate, but remember to remain courteous when doing so.

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