Balloon release in Moss Point honoring Corri Howard

Family, friends, and community leaders gathered in Moss Point to honor the life and legacy of 36-year-old Corri Howard.

Today at noon, black and blue balloons were released in his memory.

After being reported missing by family, Howard’s body was found in marsh on Howze Street in Moss Point on January 13th.

Today, the family prays for justice after accusations of police foul play leading up to Howard’s death.

According to Howard’s family, the press release from the Moss Point Police Department does not provide enough information to describe what happened to Howard leading up to the recovery of his body. The family feels they have a lack of information.

From the traffic stop report, failure to search for him after the initial chase into the marsh, and where he was found are all serious concerns for the Howard family.

During the balloon release, family wore t-shirts with his name, poured water in his remembrance, and offered each other support as they shared memories of his talent and character. Jackson County NAACP President Curley Clark said, “Waiting on the coroner’s report because we want to find out what the coroner lists as the cause of death. We are skeptical of that cause of death being natural causes. We’re going to make sure that there’s some transparency as to what’s taking place here because we want to make sure that the family can live with what happened to their loved one.”

The family now waits for the autopsy to determine how to move forward in getting justice for Corri.

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