Bacot McCarty Foundation Executive Director Todd Trenchard celebrates 25 years sober

Executive Director of the Bacot McCarty Foundation Todd Trenchard is celebrating 25 years sober. Trenchard spoke with WXXV about the huge milestone and what it means to him.

Celebrating 25 years of total life change and sobriety, Todd Trenchard is a testament of what can happen when leaving drugs and alcohol behind. “25 years ago, my goals were to get a haircut, to eat at a nice restaurant, you know to maybe have a car one day, have a job. This was not even something that your intellect could possibly even fathom. And I think that’s what part of being down as low as I was, you cannot see what the future holds and so 25 years ago, no, you can’t possibly envision how good life can be.”

After trying 40 different treatment centers, he found himself at Home of Grace in Vancleave, where he gave his life to God at Bluff Creek. Home of Grace Executive Director Josh Barton said, “It’s awesome to see Todd now 25 years sober. There’s probably been no other alumni that shared his testimony more across the Gulf Coast than Todd and so you know he has an amazing story for those that have gotten to hear his story, and 25 years for someone that has gone from living homeless as he shares, completely strung out on drugs, to now making a significant difference on the Gulf Coast is just a radical transformation.”

He gets to share his testimony with others for a living as he is now serving as the executive director for the Bacot McCarty Foundation. “I think what’s most rewarding is to see those mentors mentoring others and it’s passed down. There are so many people that I’ve had the privilege to either work with that have gone on, gotten married and now they have children, that they’re teaching about life.”

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