Back Bay Mission gearing up for colder weather

While some of us might be excited about the colder weather making its way to the Mississippi Coast, there are some people who don’t feel the same.

For the homeless, it may be a season they hate the most.

When you’re cold, you may jump under a blanket or warm yourself up with a hot beverage. It’s the little things we often overlook and take for granted.

Back Bay Mission’s homeless population can usually be found sleeping on sidewalks or outside churches and a simple item like a blanket may be what keeps them warm and alive during the winter. Joshua Aaker said, “It’s a challenge. It’s a challenge amongst another challenge. It’s so much to worry about, but just gotta fight for another day.”

For some people, it’s head the other direction or don’t make eye contact with the homeless, but the homeless are still people who just need more attention than others. Director of Client Services Sarah Smith said, “I think it’s changing on the way we view homelessness. Everybody thinks every homeless person should just get a job, probably just drug addicts. It’s just not an accurate statement. Life has happened to people. I know after Katrina, life happened to a lot of people here on the Coast. It’s hard to drive down the road with a warm belly in a car everyday and not feel this pull to want to help people.”

Back Bay is doing all it can to help the homeless as they prepare for winter by offering hot showers and lunches. The organization is looking to stock up on essentials, especially jackets.

While they try to get as many people off the street and into housing, Back Bay finds that hard to do without any kind of registration or documentation. Aaker said, “I’ve never been homeless in my life. This is my first time for me. Once I get my own place and get things going, I will help out the homeless.”

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