Back Bay Elementary students learn about planting trees

Students at Back Bay Elementary learned all about planting live oak trees this morning with help from the Harrison County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Students watched as conservation leaders planted the live oak and shared the history behind the trees. Live oaks are a symbol of beauty and endurance here in South Mississippi.

The wood of live oak trees is very dense, strong, and can live for hundreds of years, providing food and shelter for birds and animals.

This hands-on teaching tool for first graders also is part of their science curriculum. Harrison County Soil and Water Commissioner Thad Anderson said, “We seek opportunities to serve the kids and to serve the county. With the kids, this is how we can serve the kids. It’s a good example of what we can do for the school system. I provided some written information that the principal, Mrs. Brooke, has that she can disseminate to all of her students and they can use that information to weave into their curriculum, you know, whatever their syllabus is.”

Although the tree will take time to grow, it will provide lots of shade for students on the playground in the years to come.

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