Attorney says Gautier Councilman was hacked

Last month, screenshots of a racially insensitive post made to Gautier City Councilman Rusty Anderson’s Facebook page began circulating.

Anderson claimed that his account was hacked and the city gave him two options: provide proof of the hacking or resign.

According to Anderson’s attorney Tyler Cox, his Facebook account was hacked and they have proof.

Cox said their investigation uncovered evidence that the post came from an IP address in Laurel. Facebook provided details of Anderson’s account activity showing the location and time stamp of the IP address.

Anderson claims he was at home in Gautier during that time and his neighbors have confirmed this. Cox said, “Facebook did not provide us with the owner of that IP address. We would have to get a subpoena and have a court case and we’re not interested in opening in court cases. We’re just interested in clearing Mr. Anderson’s name.”

Anderson and his attorney will present their evidence to the Gautier City Council tomorrow.

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