Attorney General Lynn Fitch kicks off phase two of human trafficking awareness campaign

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch kicked off the second phase of a statewide campaign to end human trafficking.

It continues to haunt our streets, human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery that exploits humans for profit. Men, women, and children can all be sold into captivity.

It’s one of the most lucrative industries in the world making more than $150 billion in illegal profit.

Attorney General Lynn Fitch has been working to combat this epidemic, but she’s not a one-man band. She launched phase one of her ‘Be the Solution’ campaign and is ready for phase two. “It’s reflective of this room today of all the partners and the things we’ve been able to do. 187 rescues in the last 18 months across our state, we have helped so many of those and 15 of those, 15 were children and that’s just horrific that anyone should be in this situation but when you see those young children, it just breaks your heart.”

Since 2021, Be the Solution has been a statewide campaign that raises awareness and provides educational tools to help spot human trafficking.

After partnering with the Department of Public Safety, the movement has seen an increase in identifying human trafficking events.

Andy Gipson, the commissioner of agriculture and commerce, is excited to join the crusade against human trafficking. He plans to put state employees from grocery stores, gas stations, and warehouses through training on how to spot human trafficking. “We have about 250 employees who are in every location of commerce so we will be on the lookout for it and like I told the group, evil flourishes in the darkness when you shine the light on the evil, it’s gotta flee.”

And Fitch has a warning to human traffickers: “If you are a trafficker, don’t come here because we are coming after you. We are going to protect our women, men, and our children.”

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