Attempted carjacking victim speaks with WXXV

WXXV spoke with the victim of an attempted carjacking by a man believed to be the suspect in the shooting in Biloxi.

The victim tells us the suspect is described as an African American male, about 6 feet tall and looked to be in his 40s.

According to the victim, the man approached his vehicle from a residential area on 28th Street across Canal Road from the grocery store. He was at the red light at the intersection en route to a routine doctor’s appointment at Memorial Hospital at Gulfport.

His wife and 3-year-old child were in the car with him.

The man approached the vehicle from the west and grabbed a door handle, trying to get in the car, which had automatic door locks.

When he couldn’t get in the vehicle, and with police bearing down on him, the suspect took off for the grocery store, where he barricaded himself in.

“He ran straight across the parking lot to the store,” the victim said. “The cops were yelling at us to get out of here, but we were at a stop light!”

The victim said there were seven or eight patrol cars at the scene and another 15 to 20 officers on the foot, weapons drawn.

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