Artist of the Month Display at Salvation Army Kroc Center

In an opportunity to promote and inspire, the Salvation Army Kroc Center chooses a local artist to show off each month.

The Kroc Center displays different art forms from a talented local artist each month for free.

Because the Kroc Center offers art and music classes, the mini art gallery is vital to the organization and they encourage everyone, member or not, to come by the center and view the talented work.

Marketing Director Morgan Shiyou says her favorite part about the artwork is seeing the kids faces light up when they walk past the paintings.

The featured artist for the month of February is Kenneth Wright. Shiyou said, “His artwork is here and it’s beautiful, it’s interesting. You can come look at it for five or ten minutes and find something new in each little piece, so come out and enjoy it and experience it and feel good about your community and how the Kroc Center is supporting local artists.”

If you would like to be featured as the next artist of the month, you can get more information from the Kroc Center’s website through the arts tab.

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