Amtrak hosts emergency service training for Coast departments

Today, Amtrak held a training session for emergency service members across the Coast in preparation for the railroad service coming soon.

Members of Gulfport Police Department, Gulfport Fire Department, Harrison County Fire Rescue, and other departments across the Coast learned how to properly prepare for emergency situations regarding the Amtrak trains.

Detailed slides explaining steps to take, equipment to use, protocols to follow, and other instructions were shown to the guests to help them understand their new potential tasks.

Amtrak Regional Emergency Manager Mike Mclean says sessions like these are crucial for keeping the trains and their riders safe in the future. “It is extremely important for us to reach out to the community. At Amtrak, we want to be part of the community and we want them to know that Amtrak is part of the community and anything that Amtrak can do to assist and help… and that’s just part of it.”

There is still no time frame for the official launch of Amtrak along the Coast.

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