American Cancer Society sponsoring Great American Smokeout

The American Cancer Society is sponsoring the Great American Smokeout today and is challenging smokers to give up smoking for 24 hours.

The team at Memorial Hospital in Gulfport held a booth in their lobby to help spread awareness to not only their employees, but to the community as well.

According to the team at Memorial, after 20 minutes of not smoking your heart rate and blood pressure drops.  Two to three weeks after quitting, your circulation improves and your lung function increases.

One to two years after quitting, your risk of heart attack drops dramatically.

After 15 years of not smoking, your risk of coronary heart disease is close to that of a non-smoker. Memorial Hospital Employee Health Coach Summer Harris said, “Quitting tobacco is very important for your health, for your body, so you’ll be around longer to take care of your family and your quality of life so you are able to take care of them–cancer prevention–so many great benefits of quitting smoking and tobacco.”

Though smoking rates have dropped, almost 38 million Americans still smoke tobacco and about half of all smokers will encounter smoking related deaths.

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