Agreement for next phase of dredging project at Port of Gulfport

The Army Corps of Engineers in Mobile facilitated a visit to Gulfport today to sign an agreement that would officially begin the next phase of a dredging project to benefit the Port of Gulfport.

It’s something the port has been pursuing for several years.

This next phase is very important in the port’s quest to dredge a deeper channel to allow for larger vessels and attract new tenants.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers oversees the dredging process and is typically funded fully by the federal government.

Currently, the channel is dredged to its full operational depth of 36 feet but this new agreement will increase the depth to 46 feet. Port of Gulfport CEO/ Executive Director Jon Nass said, “We want to be at 46 feet of water and what is that, it is just ten feet. Well, ten feet is a huge difference. Ten feet means more jobs here on the Port. Ten feet means more efficiency. Ten feet means a better environmentally friendly way of moving product into the United States and more importantly, exporting Mississippi products all around the world.”

After this morning’s document signing, guests were able to tour the State Port at Gulfport.

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