Body found in Stennis Buffer Zone identified

A missing person — out of New Orleans — matches the identity of a body found near Stennis Space Center on May 7th.

That body was found buried under tires near Stennis in the buffer zone.

The remains were found by workers contracted by the Forestry Service to conduct a controlled burn in the area.

Authorities worked together to identify missing persons matching the description of an individual who had internal hardware and screws surgically placed on the left cheekbone and orbital area.

After fingerprint ID, the body was identified as Steven Duncan.

The 49-year-old was reported missing on April 3rd out of New Orleans.

“We suppose that he was transported and his body was dumped there,” said Ricky Adam, Hancock County Sheriff. “His finger prints were run through the Avis machine and he was in the system so that’s how it was determined and then later confirmed. Hopefully this case will be solved and we can go from there.”

The case is being investigated as a homicide.

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