$32M FEMA grant to help assist MS in vaccine distribution

FEMA is providing Mississippi with the boost our state needs when it comes to the COVID vaccine.

FEMA is allocating a $32 million grant to the state of Mississippi for MEMA to use to assist in vaccine distribution efforts.

The grant will assist MEMA in administering the vaccine at public facilities throughout the state including right here in South Mississippi.

The award provides expedited federal funding to reimburse 100 percent of costs related to the state’s vaccination program for a 90-day period to cover costs such as equipment and supplies needed for storing, handling, and distributing the vaccines, leasing facilities for storing and administering the vaccines and emergency medical care.

All welcome news for MEMA Executive Director Stephen McCraney. “This assistance for vaccination efforts will make a tremendous impact on the expenses incurred by the state of Mississippi due to COVID-19. A 100% reimbursement means less of a burden to taxpayers. We continue to work closely with our federal and state partners to ensure all Mississippians that can, will have the vaccine.”

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