Gulfport High robotics department designs shields for football team


In an effort to adjust to the new normal when it comes to high school sports, the Gulfport high football team has a new addition to their iconic orange and blue helmet this year.

After learning that Clinton Brawley and Gulfport High’s robotics department was making face shields for Memorial Hospital, Gulfport Head Football Coach John Archie asked if Brawley could design face shields for the inside of football helmets.

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After nearly two months and about eight different models, Archie and Brawley and the robotics department successfully designed a shield that worked, including proper ventilation to avoid the shield fogging up.

While trying to find face coverings that work for athletes at all levels has shown to be a daunting task, Archie says his players like these shields. “They love it. The few players we’ve tried it on like it. We just finished the final prototype this week and he just mass produced all of them for us this week, so the players love it. We’ve been trying them for about a week, week-and-a-half just trying to make sure we have it right. Different players and trying to see how they feel with them. It’s an adjustment and I think everyone in the country and the world is dealing with the adjustment right now. We’ve been preaching to our guys all summer, we’ve got to adapt to the new change. So that’s the kind of motto we’ve been having all summer and, you know, they’ve adjusted well. Our kids have been great. Our school district has been great, supporting us and making sure we have everything we need to keep our players safe to hit the field next week.”

Hear more about this year’s Admirals football squad on Monday when News 25’s Sports Director Jeff Haeger stops by practice as a part of 25 Teams in 25 Days.


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